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Stretch the fabric of your imagination.

Today, fabric structures are becoming more popular due to the advancements of synthetic fabrics, inexpensive cost when compared to other construction methods and the ability for architects to achieve unique design elements that only fabric or film can create.

Whether you need a decorative entrance to your building, an amphitheater to host community festivities or a cover for a horse arena, Fabricon has the expertise to design and build your fabric structure.

Fabric Structures

Frame Supported

Frame supported fabric structures are an excellent solution for permanent or temporary coverage. These structures can be manufactured to fit your specific needs, from full to semi-enclosed spaces in all shapes and sizes, all while creating unique shapes only fabrics can achieve.

Fibers and films developed from PTFE, ETFE and HDPE, make the lifespan and qualities of fabric structure superior to traditionally used materials and construction methods designed to lower the time in the field. Some of the oldest membrane structures used by humans, the tipis of North America, the yurts or kibitz of North Central Asia and the black tents of the Middle East and Africa, still find use today.


For thousands of years, humankind has utilized deployable fabric structures because of their versatility and reusability. Deployable fabric structures allow for the user to change the location of the structure or take the structure down to avoid exposure to the elements. With a variety of materials available, deployable fabric structures are designed to fit your needs.


Countless shapes and forms allow for unlimited designs using pre-stress, making tensile fabric structures a viable alternative to traditional construction methods. Efficient use of materials during construction, rapid deployment, energy saving qualities and increasingly longer lifespans are quickly making tensile fabric structures an increasingly turned to construction.

Shade Sails

A shade sail can create a dynamic look for your home or business. They can provide limited shade and maximum aesthetics or full-space coverage depending on what best suits your needs. When built with either PVC coated mesh or HDPE meshes, a shade sail can provide ample shade and heat control while maximizing daytime luminosity to create a useable outdoor space.

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