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Stretch the fabric of your imagination.

Fabricon manufactures and designs a wide variety of custom enclosures for small patios as well as large industrial and decorative curtains. We also install exterior screen shades that block the elements when unwanted and retract so you can enjoy the outdoors. By adding a facade to your home or business, you can increase privacy or provide valuable signage to your property all while enhancing the aesthetics and function to fit your needs.

Curtains, Screens & Facades


If you’re looking to save money on costly electrical bills during the summer, then adding a screen shade to your home is your answer. Screen shades are an environmentally friendly alternative to air conditioning; the woven glass or PVC mesh fabrics used for the screens enable you to block UV heat before it enters your home or business, all without obstructing the view from the window.

By strategically placing screens the need for traditional air conditioning is virtually nonexistent! Plus, with the introduction of electric motors to screen shade systems, users are able to operate the system with a push of a button or even pair the system to a mobile device or computer to keep your space cool even when you’re not home.

Fabricon is a proud retailer of screen shade systems from BAT, NuImage and Solair. When you choose Fabricon to install your screen shades, you can rest easy knowing that our team will professionally install and service your screen shade, ensuring your investment in quality will last for years.


Installing a facade can be extremely useful as valuable signage, privacy or weather control. There are many different types of fabrics that can be utilized to create unique looks that will transform your home or business. One example is using a PVC coated mesh; this material allows for complete privacy while still allowing for full visibility through the screen.


At Fabricon, we manufacture custom made curtains to fit your unique space. Whether you need an outdoor patio enclosed or a studio created for your business, Fabricon’s expertise can help you achieve your vision.

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